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LinkedIn Training & Coaching 

Showcase your expertise, personality and gain visibility!

I help experts use LinkedIn to show their expertise and personalty so they can attract dream opportunities.

I believe I can make the world a better place by bringing experts to the light of the right people.

I achieve it by challenging their assumptions, showing the potential the technology in their pockets brings, and giving them tools to do so. 

My work in underpinned by my empathetic nature and interest in behavioural psychology. I merge all of that to create a unique approach that helps you build your personal brand online.

I teach experts how to use LinkedIn in the most comprehensive and authentic way so they can have a greater impact within their industry.


 1-1 LinkedIn Persona Brand Accelerator 

4 weeks LinkedIn most comprehensive training to help you change your LinkedIn from a digital CV to a sticky landing page and teach you use it in an authentic way so you can have a greater impact within their industry.


The program provides you with all you need to shows your expertise and personality and gain visibility so that you can attract the right audience. 

We cover such: 

Module 1 – Building fundamentals for Success on LinkedIn. 

Module 2 – Clarity for you and them

Module 3 – Tell your story. Expertise and personality. 

Module 4 – Consistent content and building connections


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Happy Clients

Ewa is an amazing mix of both a strategic consultant and hands-on support. She has deep marketing knowledge (particularly social) and every time I work with her I learn something new.

Kristein Shannon

CEO/Co-Founder at Highliner Technology.

Ewa has been instrumental in inspiring me at the Growth & Grace Collective. She is motivated, engaged and  really is quite a powerhouse when it comes to getting things done.


Jess Gosling

Foreign Affairs/ Cultural Diplomacy, Founder of Growth & Grace Collective.

Ewa immediately struck me as both professional and efficient, combined with a non-nonsense but personable approach to helping me. I would recommend Ewa if you are looking for help with your brand communication strategy.

Rowena Wood

Health & Wellness Coach.