5 books to fight entrepreneurial mindset blocks.

by Mar 4, 20210 comments

books to fight entrepreneurial mindset blocks

When you build your business and personal brand online, you will often find that you face various entrepreneurial mindset blocks. Overcoming those blocks and false beliefs is essential to building a successful business and successful online presence.

Mindset determines 85% of our success the skills on the remaining 15.

The work on mindset takes time. Reading books to fight entrepreneurial mindset blocks can be a great way to start. Today I wanted to share with you five bucks you should read to fight your entrepreneurial mindset blocks.
I read all of them both to work on my mindset and to be able to help my clients with their entrepreneurial mindset blocks. I hope you enjoy them.

1 Mindset. Changing the way you think to fulfil your potential. by Dr Carol S Dweck.

You should read this book even if you don’t think that you have a mindset issue. But if you ever felt like you are not smart enough or that you will never learn or accomplish something don’t leave the room until you finish this book. You will also realise that the way we speak to ourselves and our children impact what we believe we can achieve. An absolute here among the books to fight entrepreneurial mindset blocks!

2 Everything is figureoutable. By Marie Forleo.

A must-read for any freelancer and entrepreneur. They are good and bad days in life and business, and if you choose to do it for yourself, you will probably encounter a fair bit of challenges, and this book will help you shift your thinking to pull through adversity. It will give you practical tips to overcome the obstacles and live your life, believing that everything is figureautable.

3 You are a badass at making money. Jen Sincero

I had to include a book about the money mindset. Without a doubt, the false beliefs around mindset show up for most of us, and when you are growing a brand or a business, they can make or break your business! Fun and simple read but one that will make you rethink or change how you think about money and what is possible for you. Include ‘money’ books to fight entrepreneurial mindset blocks surrounding the topics of finance, pricing and personal finance. After all, you want to be a profitable business owner.

4 Playing Big, Tara Mohr.

Women struggle to play big more than men because of beliefs, learned behaviours, and language. If you want to play big but feel unsure why you can’t or feel like you are not enough, this book is for you.

5 Lean in. Woman, work and the will to lead. By Sheryl Sandberg.

Book for both men and women. If you are a male, this book might not address your issues, but if you also have a wife or daughter or work with women, you should also read it.
This book again talks about the behaviours that need to change and how we need to control our thinking to lean in, play big and make the world a better place for ourselves, for other females and males—a better world for everyone. When women learn to lean in, everyone wins!

I hope you will enjoy them.

Let me know which is your favourite or what else would you add to this list.