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Learn how to leverage your personal brand online and use LinkedIn as a service-based entrepreneur to attract opportunities.  I based this workbook on the framework I teach in my signature course. 

This Workbook will teach you

Where to start and what to do to ensure you get what you want and for your Ideal Clients to find you?
How do you know that the opportunity isn’t a distraction? From mindset blocks entrepreneurs face when building their personal bland online to things that stop your professional and business growth. This workbook will guide you to gain the clarity you need for you to get the future you want and deserve and for your Ideal Clients to find you. 
How to communicate at every touchpoint for your Ideal Clients to find you!
Your will understand how to communicate your values, expertise and the way you can help and support your Ideal Clients in a way that will resonate with them.  You be herd, understood and acted upon on LinkedIn and beyond. 
How to use content and connections to attract opportunities!
Content is a leading part of your personal brand presence online and LinkedIn. Post by post, comment after comment you write your history. Make it a good one! But without connections and your network, your content is meaningless. This workbook will set foundations for you to utilise both.