How to stop overthinking your content.

by Mar 27, 20200 comments

I get it. It takes a lot of work and effort to create content and sometimes you just don’t know what is right. You start overthinking it. It all gets a bit too much and you stop. ⠀

Here are the three common reasons you start OVERTHINKING YOUR CONTENT:

🤯 You don’t fully understand how you can be helpful to your ideal customer and so you are trying to talk about everything rather than about the topics that matter to them most.

🤯 Content is accidental because you haven’t worked out what role Instagram plays in the growth of your business. When you don’t know what the good looks like, no idea is a good idea.

🤯 Data doesn’t exist for you! If you know what you want to achieve and you work hard for it, you also have to review your efforts, without it, you can’t adjust your strategy. Start to like numbers.

The good news is there are also three simple things you can do to make changes to how you use Instagram for business and get tactical about your content. The ideas will flow I promise you. ⠀

A quick fix for consistent content flow.

🖤 Knowing your ideal client pain points is key to success for all areas of business, and communication is no different. Write down all the questions you get asked over and over. Look for patterns and topic that emerge, then build your content around them. ⠀

🖤 Successful use of Instagram for business is about understanding how it fits into your grand plan. Not all content is the same and you can’t do it all at once. Decide if you want to grow, generate leads or sale. Focus your efforts on one element at a time.

🖤 Check your insides!!! Those who see the best results on Instagram are familiar with their insides. Set clear goals and tactics to grow their business. Review the content, adjust and show up again. Then review and adjust and show up again. and again and again.

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