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LinkedIn Bootcamp
Are you ready to be paid what you are worth, attract inbound opportunities and reduce the need to pitch yourself all the time?

My LinkedIn Intensive workshop is a four-week program designed to teach you how to leverage who you are to build your professional, personal success with integrity and authenticity.

Are you ready to secure speaking engagements, find clients reaching out to you, and be able to charge what you are worth?


Let’s also clarify who LinkedIn Intensive Bootcamp is not for:


❌ If you don’t have a business yet and you don’t know what type of business you want to launch.
❌ If you haven’t got the idea of what service or product you want to sell within your business.
❌ If you only want an up to date LinkedIn profile because you are applying for new jobs and aren’t looking to elevate your career.

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Is this program for me?

That’s a great question. Let me go over the types of people for whom LinkedIn intensive is perfect.
✅You provide a service, and you want to be paid what you are worth.

If you struggle to charge the money you feel you are worth and are always reducing your fees, this program will change it. I believe that people won’t pay you what you are worth, they will pay you what they think you are worth, but the good news is that you can control their thinking and this course will teach you how. 

✅ You want to bee seen as an expert in your industry to expand your impressive portfolio and find new exciting opportunities without hassle. 

You are an expert but less experienced people than you are getting the opportunities. You struggle to present your expertise with authenticity. 

✅ You want to showcase your expertise to the right audience to build brand awareness about your business. 

You have been present and active on multiple platforms, and you feel quite confident on LinkedIn too, but you are not getting the attention of the right people or simply not enough. 


✅ You are building a business with no extra time 

Having to be present on all the social platforms feels like a rat race that will never stop, and there are not enough hours in the day to get it all done. You aren’t sure this could even help you build your business, because you’ve tried a thing or two, but it only consumed your time. LinkedIn is the only social media platforms where you can achieve results by strategic engagement and with less than an hour a week online, so you are in the right place. 

✅ You are tired of being online but not seeing the results offline. 

You’ve tried tips and techniques recommended on a podcast. You’ve been testing multiple templates, and you show up, but nothing you do moves the needle in your business, and you start to question what’s wrong with your service. If only more people knew about you, and you could make the change in their lives, both your and their career will flourish. 


✅ You want to stay authentic and true to your values in the way you interact and impact your clients. 

You are looking for ways to communicate with your clients honestly and authentically to build your brand. You want a professional approach but full of personality and genuine connections with your clients on LinkedIn and all the other digital touchpoints. 

Your reality after the program. 

Being paid what you are worth.


Imagine sending quotes to your clients that are being accepted without you having to discount your work all the time? I show you how to communicate your value so that you are paid what you are worth.

This is possible for you by communicating in the most authentic way possible and by speaking to your ideal clients in a way that feels good to you.

Inbound opportunities.


What would it mean for you if you could triple your visibility nearly overnight? Imagine finally being noticed by your ideal clients and knowing that what you say resonates with them. Attracting inbound opportunities that will elevate your business and personal growth doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. I will teach you how to simplify your personal brand’s online presence to amplify its effectiveness.

No more pitch cycle.


Imagine feeling excited each time you send a pitch or an email to a client. Will you resent them if each were ending up with a closed deal and money in your bank account? How would you feel about waking up to emails and direct messages from your potential clients wanting to work with you?

This program will teach you how to use your personality and expertise and how to leverage it on LinkedIn to achieve that level of inbound interest. If I was able to shift my luck in less than three months, so can you.

About me

I was always interested in communication and the potential to influence, so after a degree in Journalism and PR, I gained a Masters degree in Politics, where I specialised in political marketing. I focused on how marketing techniques, verbal and non-verbal communication can be used to build a personal brand and subsequently shape the political arena. 

Luckily for me, I fast realised it wasn’t politicians that I wanted to promote, so I moved into the commercial realm. 

I have 15 years of experience in building a personal brand for both service-based entrepreneurs and product businesses. I’ve worked with directors of global companies, startup founders and industry experts to showcase their expertise. By teaching them how to project their personality through the use of digital communication most integrally so they can gain visibility and positively impact their industry. 

I have spent my career learning about digital forms of communication and how we can utilise them to make a positive change while remaining authentic. 

My empathetic nature and interest in behavioural psychology bind together all my work. I use behavioural psychology as a foundation for my work because it profoundly impacts how we use and behave on various platforms and devices. I merge all of my knowledge to create a unique approach that helps you build your personal brand online.  

Over the years, I’ve learnt the skills, systems and strategies, so you don’t have to search endlessly for the techniques that deliver real-life results. Most of all, what I teach doesn’t require a lot of time, and we all know that time is the only currency. 

Yes, but…


But, I’m not good with tech. 

Well, you knew how to find this page and how to scroll down to read it, so you have enough knowledge to start successfully building your brand online. 

An entrepreneurial attitude is an essential part. Remember we can’t all know everything. I will teach you the fundamentals that will help you succeed and make the best choices for your online presence. 

But, I’m scared it won’t work for me.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to personal brand presence. Still, in the program, we’ll use strategies that will enable you to discover your unique way of influencing people, how to create value for your ideal clients and choose the best path to the online presence for your business success. 

But I don’t have an audience or network. 

Perfect, you will start building an audience with clarity and focus. That community will build your brand. You don’t need considerable numbers to have a successful business. You need the right audience, and LinkedIn intensive will teach you how to grow your network strategically on LinkedIn and how to speak to your ideal clients across platforms to be heard, remembered and most importantly acted upon.  

But, I’ve tried everything already. 

You might feel like you have tried everything, but trust me you haven’t, I’m not buying it. “It’s not what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that isn’t so.”

You might have tried pieces of training and tactics but a cohesive and integral approach coupled with your commitment will make the difference. 

But I don’t have enough time to implement it. 

You have two options. Accept that you have a personal brand and that it IS your business. Then use it to strategically position yourself online to create success for yourself and your business. 

Or you can pretend it doesn’t exist and stay where you are, which in today’s world means going backwards. 

The good news is that LinkedIn is the easiest and most efficient place to build your brand online. 

Either way, you need to be able to allocate time to your online presence and communication if you want it to be a success. I recommend that you set aside at least 2-3 hours per week to the course work and applying all you learn! Simply block out the time in your calendar for the next four weeks and trust me, your future self will be thanking your present self in no time.


Ready to take control of your online reputation!

What I’m going to teach you…


In this module, you will clarify your vision for your professional and personal success. Understand your motivators and your unique perspective to impact people. This module is for you to become clear what are your non-negotiables so that you can make better choices in business and feel fulfilled in personal life. Module one will help you overcome any entrepreneurial mindset blocks you might be facing when building your personal brand online.



Clarity is needed so that you get what you want and for your ideal clients to find you. In this module, you will become incredibly clear about what transformation you are offering and most importantly, to whom. Then you’ll clarify what role LinkedIn will play in helping you to achieve your business objective. Defining what is unique about you and why someone would want to connect with you will support how you leverage your personal brand on LinkedIn to elevate your success.



In Module Three, you will learn about LinkedIn features and tools which you have at your disposal to gain visibility, showcase your expertise and personality in the way that will attract your ideal clients. You will draw on the work from module One and Two to optimise your profile for the future you want so that you too can attract opportunities and resonate with your clients.



Connections are at the core of any business success. You build them via consistent, effective communication. After compleating the work from previous modules, you should draw on that knowledge to strategically communicate and engage in supporting your business objective. In this module, you will learn both how to use content and connections on LinkedIn to create success for your business but also some fundamentals for effective communication on other digital platforms.

Ready to take control of your online reputation!