Three easy ways to use the LinkedIn network to generate revenue.

by Nov 24, 20200 comments

Using LinkedIn network to generate revenue means you have to focus all your LinkedIn tactics on creating the environment to sell and to create a network of potential clients. 

You can always sell to the same people so continues growth of your network would be essential. 

As a service-based entrepreneur your personal brand in your business, so the impression you make might impact your conversion rathe. Focusing on creating content that showcases your expertise 

Today, I want to take about three ways to utilise your network even if you are a beginner on LinkedIn. 

You are already ahead of many because you are clear on your objective. 


To create revenue using LinkedIn. 

Ask them to connect. 

Service-based entrepreneurs often undermine the power of asking. Whenever you run an event, talk or workshop make sure to ask those who subscribe to it to connect with you on LinkedIn. This tactic will help you attract to your network individuals who are already interested in the service you provide. How to do it? 

Include a link to your LinkedIn profile and call to action* in the event confirmation email. 

Export your list. 

As a service-based entrepreneur you might be running webinars, workshops or simply sharing tips to expand your reach and establish expertise. I suggest to export those contacts once a quarter into your LinkedIn. It’s an easy process to do and you can then send a connection request to all of those individuals. 

Competition piggyback 

You should also know who else is doing something like you and how you are different. Ever so often visit their profile, but do it in the Privet Browsing Mode. Firstly, you want to learn what content is your competitor producing and what is most popular among his followers. Now, you want to utilise his/her network. 

Check the profiles of the most engaged. Who is commenting on the posts? Do those people fit your Ideal Client Avatar? 

If you know your clents’ well you should be able to spot who would make perfect potential customers. You want to open their profiles in a separate window. Later, change your setting to brows again as you and send a connection request to all of those individuals. 

Don’t forget that if you want to sway them your way, you’d have to provide content better than what your competitor is sharing. 

The network is only a part of your LinkedIn presence. 

Of course, if you are focusing on using LinkedIn to generate revenue expanding your network will be an ongoing process. But you mustn’t forget to always create a connection with those in your network. This is an entirely different subject, but before I leave you with those three tactics to try I want you to think of how in the future you can utilise them too. 

Which of those tactics would be useful for your business, let me know in the comments? 

*Call to action is a sentence or two, usually placed at the end of the post asking your reader to take a specific action.