Why profile optimisation isn’t enough for LinkedIn success?

by Jun 8, 20200 comments

An up to date and optimised profile is critical, but success on LinkedIn isn’t only down to an immaculately curated profile. This platform has evolved and isn’t a digital copy of your CV anymore. Unfortunately, this is a common belief, which will stop you from attracting opportunities. Right now, LinkedIn is the easiest place to build your business and personal brand online.

LinkedIn isn’t about you. 

4 out of 5 members take their business decisions on LinkedIn. Psychology plays a big part in how we navigate social platforms, and it’s no different on LinkedIn. When you think of LinkedIn as a place to store a digital CV, as a testimony to all your achievements, you are approaching it with ‘me, myself, and I’ attitude. Your potential clients are on LinkedIn, and they are looking for you, but they want to know what’s in it for them. 

Profile only approach keeps you in the past. 

Secondly, when you think that LinkedIn boils down to a well written and optimised profile, it leads to a set up that focuses on your past rather than the future. You end up missing out on all the well-developed LinkedIn functions to showcase your personality and expertise. The elements that set this platform apart from a CV. 

Finally, remember that your profile is one of the tools you can use on this professional platform to build success for yourself. 

The three elements of LinkedIn success. 

Don’t forget that people buy you before they purchase your service or product. Yes, it’s the same for your employer. Our attitude and values are what sets us apart and make us unique. The very thing that makes one person hate you makes another love you. You need to understand that LinkedIn, as it says in the name, thrives on connections and content. 

People on the platform are looking for knowledge to develop their businesses and careers. They want to be inspired or learn more about their business providers. Pay equal attention to other parts of your Linkedin presence; like your network and content. Use them to leverage your personal brand to accelerate your success. 

Use all three elements; profile, content and connections to showcase your attitude, values and expertise. I would even dare to say that LinkedIn success boils to CLARITY, CONSISTENT CONTENT AND COMMUNITY. 

Why did I replace profile with clarity? 

Because without clarity, it’s impossible to set up your profile in a way that provides value to your ideal clients. You won’t be able to communicate effectively. You will have no idea how to use your network strategically. 

Start with one thing. 

After you update your profile, work on creating a network that will support your vision. You must have a VISION or a GOAL if you want to succeed on LinkedIn (or any other platform). Clarity is needed so you can get what you want and for your ideal clients to find you. Without it, you will always struggle to grow a career and a business of your dreams. 

Connections first approach. 

LinkedIn is the only social media platform where you can create success for yourself through strategic engagement. Since the connections are in the name of this platform, I want you to work on your network before content. 

LinkedIn’s social selling index will help you assess the quality of the network you’re building on LinkedIn. To access this information, log into your LinkedIn profile and go to www.linkedin.com/sales/ssi.

Here are some other things you can consider to clean up your network. 

  • Review your old connections. The health of your network has a massive impact on your success on the platform. Did you know, you can remove contacts manually? 
  • Make an effort to have a conversation with people in your network. Ensure those conversations help to move the needle in your business. 
  • Think outside the box. The most significant shortfall is that many often want to only connect with potential clients. Try to change this perspective and look at options to learn, collaborate and help.

You get what you put in. 

If you hope to pay someone a couple of hundreds of pounds to update your profile, you will look good, but it won’t be a life-changing investment. The problem with this approach is your mindset. You are not committed to taking control of your personal brand and how you present it to create success for yourself. This is a social platform, and you need to show up. It doesn’t have to be daily, but regularly. 

You have all the experience, don’t leave it to chance! 

If you are reading it and thinking, but Ewa, I don’t have a personal brand, what are you talking about?! You do! Your name, reputation and what people say about you when you are not in the room, all of it builds your personal brand. Your personal brand IS your business. The real question is; are you the one in control of it? 

It’s not enough to consistently produce results at work, for people to see you as a thought leader and expert within your industry. At the same time, it’s hard to keep yourself at the front of your mind or talk all the time about your achievements. LinkedIn however, offers you multiple ways to showcase that you are an expert without having to always talk about yourself. That’s where your connections will play a great part as well as the content you will share. 

Is the inbound interest you dream off even possible? 

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could wake up to Direct Messages in your mailbox? Imagine, outreaching to people and them wanting to talk with you, wouldn’t it feel great? It is absolutely possible. If I was able to shift my career using LinkedIn and see results in less then two months, so can you. No one is special. It boils down to replicable strategy and your commitment. 

Turn your LinkedIn from a digital CV to a sticky landing page for your ideal client (employer). Use content to establish your leadership and expertise. Elevate your visibility thanks to your wonderful network. 

You do have a unique perspective and ways to influence people. What’s your magic? 


If you are serious about being in control of your online reputation I have a perfect free-guide for you. It’s a great place to start if you want to control your Personal Brand on LinkedIn and beyond. Grab it here.