Your Mailbulter a tool that can save you up to 17h per week.

by Apr 15, 20210 comments

I used a mail management system to stay in control of my time. To have uninterrupted work time when I’m most productive. 

When you get distracted from a task by incoming email, a study shows it takes an average of 23 minutes for your brain to return to the focus on the job you were interrupted. Do it five times a day, and you are losing nearly two hours of focused work. 

I use Mailbutler to control my day and run it on my terms to have time in a day to do things I love. Also, to reduce email errors. 

We wast 17h a week on emails we don’t need to deal with right now! 

Another study shows that 30% of the time, your work emails being sent or received aren’t urgent. Yet, you send and receive them where you stand. That means you are not setting boundaries around work. It follows you to your home or to your time to live a little. It occupies your mental space too.

I wanted to live my life now, not when I retire. I wanted to take care of my body; that’s why I started working for myself. I didn’t want to work 12h days. I knew that with the proper habits, discipline and the right tools, I can do it. Getting a grip on my emails and my emailing habits was the first thing I addressed.

We all spend so much time using emails; they became a curtail part of any work communication. Since communication is one of the things one needs to master for business success, I started obsessing about being effective and efficient with email.

Mailbulter – email management system everyone should try. 

Since they have a 14-day free trial, you have no reason not to. Before I committed to Mailbutler, I have tried other mail management systems and apps. I manage multiple business emails and my private emails, all from my Mac using Mac mail.

I want sleek design, functionality and reliability. Mailbutler is all of those things. No need to keep logging in and out of different accounts and providers.
With Mailbutler templates, I have no need to swap between the apps to grab my templates etc. It’s all integrated into Mailbutler.

My favourite Mailbutller features.

Write and receive your emails when it suits you. 

Schedule to send later function. I use it daily, not only when I want my email to be sent when I’m offline.

The worst of the habits is to believe that you have to have your email open all the time. You can’t get any work done, trust me. The first obstacle you need to overcome is your false belief that the world will end when you shut your email for three hours and turn on ‘do not disturb’ your laptop.

I give myself half an hour for emails three times a day (some days even only two times.

When I’m replying to emails first thing in the morning, I will schedule them to be sent at lunchtime. I don’t want to get replies when I’m working on my most important task for the day. For me, that’s usually morning until lunchtime.

This simple tactic lets me work on email when it is convenient for me. Manage when the replies will flood my mailbox and keep my boundaries around my working hours.

Templates – save time and avoid mistakes. 

Mailbutler lets you save email templates, including the email title and any customisable areas, so that you don’t make the mistake of addressing an email with the wrong name or fact.

The integration is sleek, and you can create a new email, ready to be sent in a matter of three clicks.

I use it for all my frequently asked questions, pitch emails I send and for all my group course communication.

Follow-ups and task reminders. – Save time, and give your mind a break too. 

If you sending emails or pitching your service or product, you will have to follow up. But creating spreadsheets to do it is hard work, so people don’t follow up.
Or you occupy your mind trying to remember what you need to do for whom and when and email them back. Then you lose track, and people chase you, then it’s late, and you panic, work non stop and email them back late at night. Again.

Well, there is a follow-up feature and task reminder build into your Mailbuter. You will get a prompt when it’s the time to follow up on your previously sent email, or it’s time to compleat the task from the email—all in your mailbox. With the original email so you can see it clearly in one place.

This is a game-changer because it’s a lot easier to set a follow-up reminder with one click when writing the email than remember to follow up.
This tool helps you foster good email habits so you can easily follow up during your next dedicated email time. That’s how I do it.

Why you should give it a try. 

Busy solopreneurs get caught up with email replies, content creation and pitch cycle. 

Few have good email habits that allow for uninterrupted time to focus on the work at hand. Few have email habits, which can help to show that they are organised, focused and professional. 

Writing isn’t easy. Business writing is more problematic. Writing what others want to read is even more challenging. Controlling your personal brand online takes consistent communication. Emil is one of the channels of your personal brand communication. Probably one most profound and most overlooked because it’s PERSONAL.  

Mailbutler offers 14 days free trial, which was how I started, so there is nothing to lose. It was such a game-changer for me professionally and personally that I reached out to the brand to let them know how much I love it. I also wanted to share it with my clients because I knew it will help you, and so as a result of this conversation, I have a 10% discount code which you can use if you choose to sign up to Mailbutler after your free trial. Simply use code uandeve at checkout. 

You can learn more about Mailbulter here, and if you choose to use it, let me know how it helped you adopt better email habits and what are you doing with all your spare time?